Painting on leather

This form of work is the fruit of many years of investigation and research into new ways of interpreting the leather trade, taking it beyond its status as a craft and closer to the contemporary aspects of art. This entails inquiring into new languages capable of transmitting those intellectual or emotional experiences that reach further than everyday language and surpass the obvious.

​Geometries of simple shapes are repeated creating patterns which serve as a basis for the development of colour use, textures, and glazes. Subtleties entice us to look at leather from a different perspective.

  • M_001
  • P_C_001
  • P_C_002
  • P_C_004
  • P_C_005
  • P_C_006
  • P_C_007
  • P_C_008
  • P_C_010
  • P_C_012
  • P_C_013
  • P_C_014
  • P_C_018
  • P_C_020
  • P_C_022
  • P_C_024
  • P_C_027
  • P-C 009