Rafael Varo, craftsman master and leather artist



Since 2001 we have been offering a whole range of beautiful first-class articles, totally handmade from exclusive, customized patterns.
Our best credential is a well-done work.


Rafael Varo is a Graduate in Advertising Design and Artistic Leather Work. He is an expert artisan of great versatility and extensive experience, and a specialist in traditional techniques such as the cordovan and the guadameci.


Although classical work is his departure point, Rafael sets off on a personal quest and explores new ways of interpreting the craft, managing to transform leather into a pictorial medium more akin to canvas or wood, whilst always retaining the peculiarities which leather offers and which differentiate it from other materials. Thus, it is undoubtedly here in his pictorial work that we discover his great originality and expressive eloquence.


Original designs, inspired by the Moorish tradition, serve as a pretext for the development of colour use, texture, glaze, shading, inviting us to get familiar with another language – a language beyond the realm of words.
Personalised pieces; interior design, wall covering, furniture, seating, Roman cuirasses, corporate gifts, commission work.

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