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We create comprehensive design projects with leather, engraving, gilding, polychrome painting… to decorate interiors in hotels, restaurants, or private homes.

The four series we propose use different techniques and styles based on the tradition of Cordova Leathers and made with the expertise and innovation of Cueros Ghadamés. 


Our philosophy is based on work well done. We offer experience, creativity, professionalism and wholehearted involvement in each project. We commit ourselves to quality to make every piece unique.

We look for excellence in every project

Tradition and innovation give a distinctive signature

A genuine product that makes the difference

The greatest prestige—work well done

Exclusive designs


  • Architecture and interior design studios.
  • Decorating businesses specialized in hotels and restaurants.
  • Private and public organizations.


Vintage Series

Argent Series

Áurea Series

Byzantium Series